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Michael Wydock here to tell you that chapter 13 of Team Darkoss: Rise of a Dark Lord has been started as the title of this journal suggests.  Two great final battles are upon us in this final chapter.  Airloc vs. Gallahon and Alvatourix vs. Creed Bladestorm.  Which one of these will come out on top?  Find out in this epic 2 part climax.  It may take me a while or it might not, we'll never know.  Anyway, that is all for now.  Michael Wydock out and have a nice day :)
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Michael Wydock here to give you an exciting announcement.  As most of you know, chapter 12 of TD: ROADL is finished and uploaded.  And that means the epic climax of book 2 is nearly here.  That's right, the end of book 2 is nearly upon us.  It took me a long while but it's finally happening.  Tomorrow when I get home from work I will begin ASAP on writing the final chapter of one of Gallahon's many adventures with his elvish companions.  But does this mean the end of Team Darkoss forever?  Of course not.  Many more adventures are waiting down the road for Gallahon and his friends.  And many more secrets still need to be revealed.  Will Airloc and Alvatourix finally might their demise?  Find out in the up coming chapter 13.  Michael Wydock out and have a nice day. :)  

And now, a book status.




The Origin of Gallahon-Done

Team Darkoss: Rise of a Dark Lord-On Chapter 13

Team Darkoss II: Wrath of the Dark Dragons-Not started

Team Darkoss III: Dead Army (Working Title)-Not started

Team Darkoss IV: Reign of Orecalcose-Not started

Team Darkoss V: Army of Blood (Working Title)-Not started

Curse of the Red Moth-On Chapter 2

Massacre of the Silver Skull (Working Title)-Not started

The Day of Night-On Chapter 2

The Day of Night II: Resurrection-On Chapter 1

The Day of Night III: Origins of a Killer-Not started

The Mecha-Mike Saga-Not started

The Haunting of Woodrow Wilson-On Chapter 1

Phantom Chasers-On Chapter 3

Dragon-Man-Not started

Terror of the Seas-Not started

The Chronicles of Dragnar (Working Title)-Not started

Team Darkoss (Series 2)-Not started

Western Legend-On Chapter 2

Silent Hill: Town of Nightmares-On Chapter 3

Silent Hill: Forever Darkness-Not started

Silent Hill: The Final Assumption-Not started

Hellraiser: Hellfire-On Chapter 1

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Chapter 12

Back on Lake Island, Aquanna was taking a stroll through the palace gardens with her sister Maria.  Aquanna stopped and smelled the flowers as she walked past them.
“I always enjoyed the gardens when I was little.” She said.  “I was three when mother had me sent away to Windfall.  But I do remember tending the gardens with mother, smelling the flowers.  What about you sister?  Do you have any fond memories about mom?”  Maria paused and sighed but only for a moment.  
“Aquanna, I’d rather not talk about mother right now.  It pains me just thinking about her.”  Aquanna placed one hand on her big sister’s shoulder.  
“I understand.  I’m sorry.  It’s just every time I walk through these gardens, I can see her again.  But, I’ll stop talking about her.”  Maria looked over towards Aquanna.  Maria looked into her sister’s eyes.
“Aquanna, my dear sweet sister.  There’s something I need to tell you.”  She had to tell her, she could not keep it a secret any longer.  But what was Maria hiding from her own sister, what was Maria not telling Aquanna?  
“Aquanna I…” Just then, Aquanna and Maria heard something coming from the outside walls.  It sounded like shouting, like someone was shouting ‘we’re under attack’.  One of the Lake Island soldiers approached Aquanna and Maria in the gardens.  
“Mi lady, we’re under attack.  Draconians are pouring through the city gates.”  Aquanna was unsure what to do.  She was used to Gallahon giving commands but he was not with her now.  Maria stepped in.
“Defend the city!  We must keep Princess Aquanna safe!  Move one squad to defend the civilians!  The other squad defends the palace!  Move out!”  
“Yes ma’am.” The Lake Island soldier acted as Maria had commanded her to.  Maria took Aquanna’s hand and rushed in the throne room of the palace.  
“Defend the Princess!” The guards yelled out.  Aquanna stood in front of the throne, ready for battle armed with the very staff her mother wielded.  It was by tradition that the ‘Lake Island Staff’ also known as the ‘Staff of Waters’ was to be passed down to a new successor of the throne for generations to come.  Maria’s companion, Silver-Fang, was waiting by his master’s side, ready to pounce the first Draconian he sees.  A horde of Draconians came into the throne room, but they were accompanied by a tall man.  The man was none other than Airloc.  Airloc appeared to have some sort of large sword in his hand.  But it’s as if, the cross guard of the sword had vines on it that wrapped around Airloc’s arm.  
At first sight of the invaders, the guards charged in and attacked.  They were not afraid of these things.  They were brave and courageous, however foolish.  A handful of five or six Draconians were easy, however there were twenty Draconians by Airloc’s side.  Aquanna charged in on Airloc and attacked.  But Aquanna’s blow was not effective, there was not a scratch on him.  Airloc looked down at her with a ghastly grin.  
Airloc grabbed a hold of Aquanna with some sort of magic spell causing Aquanna to drop her staff.  He then pushed Aquanna back into her chair.  Aquanna tried to get free but she could not move.  It was as if she had been pinned into the chair.  Airloc walked up to her and Maria as Silver-Fang growled at him, telling Airloc to back off.
“Easy boy.” Maria placed her hand on Silver-Fang’s back and suddenly all was calm.  Though Airloc was right in front of Maria, she did nothing.
“Nice work Maria.” Airloc said.  Aquanna just sat there with her jaw dropped.
“Maria…?  What’s going on?”  Maria turned towards Aquanna and explained herself.
“I’m sorry sister.  Airloc promised me that if I turned you over to him, he will stop harassing Lake Island and we can be at peace just like before.  You understand don’t you?”
“You traitor!” Aquanna shouted out.  “You betray your own sister?  And believe what Airloc says to be true!?  Maria, he is lying to you!  Lake Island will never be free as long as that green skinned bastard lives, don’t you understand?”  Aquanna sighed.  “Mother trusted you.”
“Well, Princess Aquanna.  It is lovely to see you again.” He said with an evil grin on his face.  “How do you like my new toy?  It is ‘The Sword of Immortal Power’.  I recently came across this sword in my studies and found out its true power.  As long as this sword is in my hand, I am untouchable.  It also grants me more other worldly powers you cannot possibly imagine.” Airloc bent over to get a better look at Aquanna’s face.  
“A new toy to help me finally claim my prize.  I’m afraid Gallahon will no longer be a threat to me.”  Airloc placed his thumb and index finger on Aquanna’s chin.  “And once Gallahon’s gone, it will be a shame to waste such a pretty elf bitch.”  Aquanna spat in Airloc’s eye.  Airloc stood back up and slapped her hard across the face.  Maria gasped.    
“Take the Princess away!”  The Draconians did as commanded and headed towards Maria.   “No, not that one you idiots, the other one!  The one sitting in the chair!”  Aquanna’s hands were bonded behind her back and the Draconians escorted her out of the palace.  
“Get your scaly claws off me!” Yelled Aquanna.  Maria turned towards Airloc.
“You promise she won’t get hurt right?”  Airloc looked down upon Maria.
“Of course.  I merely need her alive as bait for a much bigger prize.  She will be unharmed.  In the meantime, you’re queen of Lake Island now.”  Maria watched as Airloc and his Draconians took her little sister away.  She couldn’t help but wonder if she did the right thing.  Aquanna looked back and saw Maria over the horizon in front of the palace.  Aquanna said nothing.  She just stared back at the ground sobbing.  Maria went back inside the palace and picked up the staff Aquanna had dropped.  Maria couldn’t help but wonder what she did was wrong after all.  She sobbed.  A small tear rolled down her cheek as she closed her eyes.
Alvatourix was at the shores of Lake Island awaiting Airloc’s orders.
“Burn this city to the ground.” Airloc said to Alvatourix.  Aquanna looked upon Airloc with a surprised look on her face.  Airloc looked back at her.
“Oh don’t act so surprised my dear.  Did you honestly think I would’ve kept my word and spare your home?”  Aquanna said nothing.  Airloc turned his attention towards the Draconians.  
“Put the princess in my ship!”  The Draconians did as commanded and escorted Aquanna onto Airloc’s ship.  Airloc stepped onto his ship and they were off back to Windfall.  Alvatourix took command of the squadron of Draconians that were left.  The catapults from the first assault on the city were still there.  
“Prepare to launch an all-out assault!” Alvatourix commanded.  The Draconians loaded up the catapults with brimstone and lit them on fire.

Meanwhile back out sea, Team Darkoss and the six crusaders were heading back to Windfall in one of Timothious’s Viking ships he had lend to them.  Gallahon had his shield back at full power and is ready to battle Airloc for the final time.  There was rage within his eyes as he stands on the ship’s bow and looks over sea.  However they were still pretty far from Windfall.  Who knew how far Windfall was from the temple of the sea dragon.  Creed approached Gallahon.  
“You remind me of myself Gallahon.” Said Creed.  
“How so..?”  
“Well, we both are out for revenge are we not?”  
“Airloc’s father killed my father in the war when I was born so I never got to know him.  That drove me to kill him.  Now Airloc is following in his father’s footsteps and trying to avenge his death in the process.  And Airloc won’t stop until he has my head.  Like father, like son.  If anyone Creed, it’s you who reminds me of myself, out for revenge.  Speaking of which, why are you so fixed on Alvatourix?  Let’s hear your tale.”  Creed sighed and then looked upon Gallahon.
“Very well.  Let’s just say I’m out for revenge too for what he’s done to me.  I want revenge on Alvatourix not just because he stole the throne of Windfall, but also what he done to me in the past.  You see, years ago, before I became a crusader, I served Alvatourix as general of his army back during the second Great War.  He then slaughtered my entire family.  It was then I felt a fire burning within me.  A fire of hatred.  I swore vengeance upon him that day.  
“I sought out King Psygon for guidance and hopes that he would help me on my hunt for Alvatourix.  I pledged loyalty to him in return as his protector.  Thus, I formed the six crusaders.  A force that would protect the king and hopefully put an end to Alvatourix and his followers once and for all.  That, is my tale.  Much like you avenged the death of your father.”  
Trenton was below deck of the ship, shirtless.  He had to clean his robes and shine his armor from the sea dragon’s blood and saliva.  As here was polishing his armor, Nina came below deck to check up on him.  She was almost embarrassed to see Trenton without his robes on.  But luckily he was still wearing pants.  
“Nina, is that you?” He turned to face her.  
“How did you…?”
“Hee Hee.  It’s these elf ears.  With them I can hear almost anything.” Trenton smiled.  Nina walked towards him.  Trenton stood up.  
“Trenton.” She said.  “This is it.  Our final fight against the dark lord is upon us.  Make that bastard pay for what he’s done.  But I’m also terrified.  If this means this will be our last fight….”
“No.” Trenton interrupted.  “This will not be our last fight.  We will be victorious.  We will live on and fight for our homeland for the future to come.”  Nina looked up at Trenton but it seemed hard for her to take eyes off of his rock hard abs.  
“…But if we don’t make it and something happens to either one of us.  I just don’t want to lose you too.  I like you a lot.  I love you.”  Trenton looked down at her.  Trenton took his hand and brushed her jet black hair over her ear.  
“You won’t lose me.  I promise.”  There was a small tear rolling down Nina’s cheek but also a smile on her face.  Nina pulled herself closer to Trenton and kissed him on the lips.  Trenton held her in his muscular arms as he kissed her back.  They both were enjoying the kiss.  Gallahon came down but stopped at first sight of Nina and Trenton kissing.  Gallahon smiled and left without saying a word.  He had never seen his little baby sister so happy.  
Nina pulled away from the kiss.  Trenton looked down upon her and put his nice clean robes on.  He smiled at her as he was getting his gear on.  
“We should be hitting Windfall pretty soon.” Trenton said.  Nina grabbed Trenton’s swords and handed them to him.  
“Then let us fight together.” Nina said as Trenton gave off a smile and took his swords from her.  He strapped the swords to his waist.  
“TORNADO!” Creed had shouted.  Trenton and Nina raced up to the deck of the ship.  Gallahon and the others looked over the horizon at the tornado.  It was headed straight for them and at full speed.  
“What do we do?” Nina said terrified.  They have never witnessed a storm like this before nor expected to be caught in one.  
“It’s moving fast!  Brace for impact and pray!” Gallahon commanded.  Everyone held onto dear life.  Nina held Trenton’s hand tight as if she never wanted to let go.
“It’s going to hit us!  Hold on!” They all held onto the side of the boat as the tornado sucked them up.  They were high above the ocean and the boat was flying all over the place.  The boat was beginning to crack, it would snap any second.  The boat had snapped and begun to break as Gallahon was holding onto the deck.  He looked down, but did not see the ocean.  Instead of water, he saw a stone platform.  But there was something odd.  The stone platform had an enormous eye in the center of it and it looked at Gallahon.  
“What in God’s name?” Gallahon questioned this.  The stone platform opened up, revealing a mouth.  It was about to consume not just Gallahon, but all of them.  Gallahon had never seen anything like this.  Tentacles shot out of its mouth and wrapped around Gallahon’s leg as if it wanted Gallahon as an appetizer.
“Oh Hell no!  You’re not eating me!” He shouted as he reached for his sword and cut off the creatures tentacles one by one.  The creature let go as it blinked its one giant eye.  Gallahon jumped down onto its face.  The others had jumped down onto its face but this thing was the least of their problems.  Something else was flying into the tornado with them.  Something’s with wings.  Winged creatures that had heads that of a pterodactyl.  Pterodactyl heads and a really slender body.  Their fingers were only three and were really long and thin.  Teroheads were the best name Gallahon could think of for these things.  Slender arms and slender legs, both long and thin, almost bony.  And tails with the tips being in the shape of a hook.
These Teroheads surrounded Gallahon and the others as they had their swords at the ready.  Fighting these things on top of a stone creatures face while inside a tornado.  This battle was about to be intense.  Sharp teeth and claws.  And whatever these Teroheads were, they did not look too friendly.  As the Teroheads swooped down towards them, their screams were like hearing a banshee scream.  As Gallahon dropped his guard to cover his ears, one of the Teroheads snatched him.  As Gallahon was struggling with the thing, the others attacked the remaining Teroheads.  
Gallahon used the horns on his shield to impale the creature to climb onto its back.  He then chopped off both of its wings causing the monster to lose altitude.  Gallahon then took his sword and rammed the blade through its neck.  As it was falling, Gallahon jumped off to help the others out.  One of the Teroheads flew towards Creed.  Creed ducked, slicing its belly wide opened.  One was clawing at Nina as she dodged every cut.  Trenton sliced off its tail.  As it turned towards Trenton, Nina finished the creature off by impaling its neck.  
Bolin and the other crusaders formed a circle with the remaining Teroheads surrounding them.  One of them attacked Bolin.  The crusaders had fought courageously against these things.  One Terohead snuck up behind Bolin and whacked him with its claw not only sending Bolin flying, but also giving him a pretty scar.  Bolin lost grasp of his sword.  
As it was flying towards him, Bolin caught the creature in his muscular arms.  Bolin put both his hands on each end of its mouth and ripped its jaw wide opened.  Bolin threw the carcass at one of the other Teroheads attacking his fellow crusader.  
“There’s too many of them!” Gallahon pointed out.
“Where are they all coming from?” Asked Trenton.  Gallahon looked around and noticed that more of the Teroheads were coming out of the stone giant’s mouth.  He knew that the stone face had an eye in the center, but he also noticed the face also had even more eyes along the edges.  
“Guys, I have an idea!” Gallahon shouted out.  Gallahon’s plan was to poke out the stone giants eyes and hopefully stop it from producing more Teroheads.  
“We need to poke out each eye at the same time!”  Creed turned and nodded to Gallahon as if he understood his orders.  A Terohead flew towards Creed and knocked him out.  The force of the Teroheads blow caused Creed to fly back.  He almost fell off of the stone giants face but he held on for dear life.  He looked down and it was so far down to the ocean.  Gallahon had helped Creed back up.  As soon as Creed got up, he commanded his fellow crusaders to get into position.  The crusaders got into position and so did Nina and Trenton.          
“NOW!”  They all had rammed their blades through each eye of the giant and held their swords in place.  This caused the big eye in the center to open up.  As Gallahon was leaping towards it, a Terohead flew right into him.  It was attacking Gallahon until he kicked it off of him.  He walked up towards it.  As the Terohead attacked Gallahon, he turned and got behind it.  Gallahon chopped off both its wings.  He then grabbed its tail and threw the Terohead right onto the eye where Gallahon took up his sword and impaled both the Terohead and the eye.  
As soon as the job was done, the tornado had disappeared.  They were falling out of the sky and landed in the ocean pretty rough.  
“Is everyone alight?” Asked Gallahon.
“Look!” Creed pointed.  He could see from a distance that Lake Island was burning.  Gallahon’s eyes widened at the sight.  
“No.  Aquanna.” All Gallahon could think about was Aquanna could’ve still have been on the island.  
“I need to see if she’s still alive.”  
“But how are we going to get there?” Asked Creed.  Just as Creed finished asking his question, the giant stone face was falling out of the sky.  
“DIVE!” Trenton shouted.  Everyone had done so.  The stone face had crashed into the water, creating massive waves upon impact.  Gallahon and the others had risen up from the water.
“Anyone care for a ride?” Acknowledged Trenton.  The others had climbed onto the stone giant’s dead face.  They took the wings from the dead Teroheads and used them as paddles.  

They used the wings to paddle all the way to Lake Island.  They have climbed onto shore and what they saw was Lake Island city in flames.  They’ve raced to the cities aid but it was too late.  Bodies were lying dead on the street.  Homes were engulfed in flames.  There was nothing they could do for these villagers for there were none alive.  They’ve raced up to the palace.  Maria, Silver-Fang and a couple guards were still alive.  Trenton rushed over to Maria.  
“Are you okay?” He asked.  
“Yes.” She replied.
“Who did this?” Gallahon asked.
“It was Airloc and Alvatourix.  Airloc took Aquanna back to Windfall.”
“She’s still alive?” Gallahon was overjoyed to hear that Aquanna was safe, but was angry that Airloc took her captive.  
“What about Alvatourix?” Creed asked.  
“He went towards the Temple of the Dead.  Please, make them both perish for what they did.”  Gallahon handed out Creed his shield.  
“Here Creed, take my shield to aid you in your battle with Alvatourix.” But Creed had refused.  
“No Gallahon.  You need it more.  Airloc is more powerful than Alvatourix.  Airloc’s magic and Alvatourix isn’t.  I wish you luck and Metrunam protect you.”  Gallahon nodded and raced off back to the shore with Nina and Trenton following.  But by the time they got there, the stone giants face had finally sunk.  
“Oh come on!  Now how are we supposed to get there?”  Trenton tapped Gallahon on the shoulder and pointed.
“Alvatourix’s ship is still here.”
“Oh.  Yeah we could use that.”  Gallahon, Nina and Trenton a boarded Alvatourix’s warship and set off back to Windfall to save the princess, and defeat the Dark Lord.
Michael Wydock here to tell you that chapter 13 of Team Darkoss: Rise of a Dark Lord has been started as the title of this journal suggests.  Two great final battles are upon us in this final chapter.  Airloc vs. Gallahon and Alvatourix vs. Creed Bladestorm.  Which one of these will come out on top?  Find out in this epic 2 part climax.  It may take me a while or it might not, we'll never know.  Anyway, that is all for now.  Michael Wydock out and have a nice day :)
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