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I am a ginger kid and I'm proud of it. I have a soul!

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Check it out =====>…
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Phantasm
  • Reading: My story as I write it
  • Playing: Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Phantasm
  • Reading: My story as I write it
  • Playing: Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
Chapter 4

Leann and I walked out of the museum/clock tower together.  No body of the Red Moth was found.  However, a spot of his blood was found on the pavement.  I knelt down and scooped up a sample of his blood.
“What are you doing?” Asked poor Leann.
“This sample of blood will tell me exactly what this thing is.  If there’s a police station here in town, it is most likely they’ll have a forensics lab.  I can study Red Moth’s blood and hopefully it will tell me what this thing really is.”  Leann was speechless, she had no idea what to say.  
“You mean you can tell just by their blood?”
“Blood, hair, skin samples.  Whatever trace of evidence the bad guy leaves behind, we can scan it and tell who it is.  Hopefully with this, I’ll be able to understand what we’re dealing with and how to stop it.”
“You can’t kill him.” Said a voice in the background.  It sounded like an old man’s voice.  I turned and was face to face with the old man I saw earlier today.  He appeared to be somewhere in his late eighties.  “Many tried already, but he just won’t die.”
“Who are you?” I asked the old coot.  
“The dead one’s speak to me.  The dead tell me secrets, secrets of the Red Moth Killer.  And Jerry listen’s.  Old Jerry see’s all.”  
“You know something about that thing?” I asked, concerned to hear what he had to say about the killer.  
“Old Jerry knows all.  He knows indeed, indeed he knows.”  I could hardly understand him considering he only has three teeth.  “No one knows who or even what the Red Moth Killer is.  Some say that he is an alien from outer space or another dimension.  Others say that he is a demon brought to the surface from the very depths of Hell itself.  Poppycock!  I don’t believe in demons so that leaves only one explanation, he is an alien.  And he can do this strange trick which no human is capable of doing.  It’s like something out of a nightmare.  This strange…. Ability, that I didn’t think was possible but he did it.  And if you see a red colored moth fluttering by you, then you know he’s not too far behind.  He’s also fond of leaving his calling card and cryptic messages.  He hangs his victim’s on the wall, arms spread like a bird.  Using his victim’s blood to draw a red moth behind his victim.  He is one messed up psycho path.  Be careful Detective, I’ll pray that you’ll solve this case.”  He said only that to me and then turned and fled.  
“But wait, how do you know all this and how did you know I was a Detective?”  But I spoke too late.  He had already disappeared into the mist.  The mist was so thick, I couldn’t even see him anymore.  So many questions were left unanswered this day.  Who or what was Red Moth?  Who was that old guy?  Why did my mom lie to me about my father’s death?  And above all that, I have to babysit.  This poor little girl has nowhere to go, no one to protect her from him.  It was getting dark.  Maybe there’s a hotel in this town me and Leann could stay at for the nights.  I have a feeling this case is going to take a while.  Leann knows more about this town more than I do, she’ll know if there’s a nearby hotel or something for us to stay at.  She said there was no hotel for miles, but there’s a nearby lodge.  That would have to do.  

Lucky for us, we were close to the lodge.  I said lucky because it was starting to rain hard.  Ten blocks from the museum was the ‘Deerwood Lodge’.  Leann and I stepped out of the car and into the freezing rain.  
“That is one impressive lodge.” I said as I observed and cherished the outside walls.  There was a pack of stairs we had to climb, only five steps.  A roof went over our heads once we’ve stepped onto the porch, kept our heads dry.  A pair of double doors swung open as we let ourselves in.  The inside of the building was like a deer hunter’s paradise.  Stuffed deer heads stuck on the walls and stuffed grizzly bears in every corner.  A hunting rifle was displayed on the walls beside us and also on the far back wall above another set of double doors and two pack of stairs leading up to the second floor.  
“This is incredible.” I thought to myself.  A cast iron chandelier hung high on the ceiling above our heads.  A man stepped out of the office door to greet us.  He was a sharp dressed man with a white dress shirt, a black vest, black pants and a red stripped tie.  His name tag read ‘Eric Graves’.  Graves?  That was an interesting last name.  
“Welcome to the Deerwood Lodge, where hunter’s stay for comfort.  Now how may I help you?”  I introduced Leann and myself as I shook his hand.  He of course recognized Leann but my face was new to him.  I told him who I was and explained to him why we needed to rent out his rooms.  Both of Leann’s parents were dead and it was up to me to keep her safe.  That Red Moth bastard is going to pay.  Eric told us that he had four available rooms upstairs and handed us a key to one of them.  
“I’m also going to need a typewriter too if you have one.” I told him.  I needed to do a report on the case so far.  
“I’ll bring one up to your room straight away.” He said to me.  

Leann and I were staying in the upstairs room at the far end of the hall.  Leann was sound asleep in one of the twin sized beds.  However, I was still up with the typewriter on a table in front of me ready to do my report.  I had my coat taken off before I sat down and hung it on the coat rack beside the door.  The sound of thunder and the flash of lighting helped me think.  Not to mention the sound of rain falling from the sky added to the atmosphere.  The lamp light ore shined, floating upon the table top as I began to type.

‘The Red Moth Case, Oct. 2, 1995’
I have made it into Pinesberry.  Upon entering this town, I witnessed strange events that occurred during my visit.  Within just my first few hours, I’ve witnessed strange happenings that I cannot begin to describe or understand.  The townsfolk here seem nice but three of them seem a little odd to me.  An old man who calls himself Jerry knows something about the Red Moth Killer, but I couldn’t make him talk.  The second is this strange motorcycle man I saw at the garage earlier today.  And our third candidate is the wife of this ‘Judge Waterstone’ character.  Although she did help me in the tunnels when I got here, she struck me to be a little suspicious.
She knew a secret about this town, but she refused to tell me.  There’s defiantly something bizarre going on in this town and I intend to find out what that something is.  This Red Moth killer I keep running into seems to be not normal but maybe something else entirely.  Whatever this thing is, it killed two of the parents of Leann Simmons.  That thing was looking for her for some reason and I intend to find out why.  I have to protect her from him.  This investigation is going to be a long and disturbing one.

Detective Michael Wydock

As soon as my work was done, I turned off the lamp and went straight to bed.  I had taken off my shoes and fell flat on the other twin sized bed next to Leann’s.  The beds were warm and cozy, under the warmth of the covers and my back on the soft, comfortable mattress as I drifted off to dream land.  But that dream had turned into a nightmare.  I was drowning in a sea of blood.  I just saw nothing but the color red all surrounding me but no bodies.  I swam upwards, trying to reach shore.  Once I got to the surface, I saw a female figure walking towards me so elegantly.  She was walking on the surface of the blood sea as if she was a Goddess and she was dressed in nothing but red, like bright red silk.  I however was unable to speak.  The Goddess lady may have been clothed in red, but she was absolutely beautiful, stunning really.  Black hair, pale skin and beautiful eyes, although they were red too.  Thoughts were racing through my mind.  Was this the Red Goddess that man who jumped to his death spoke of?  
She bent down to my level so she could see my face much clearer.  She grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me with such passion.  Both her eyes and my eyes were shut as she kissed me.  But as she was kissing me, I could feel something strange happening.  She was sucking the soul right out of me.  As she was doing so, the blood sea was also draining.  My eyes opened and grew larger as if I was in shock.  I hesitated but I could not do anything, I was helpless even to myself.  She stopped as she pulled away and let me drop into eternal darkness.  My lifeless body fell forever into that dark abyss.  That was when I woke up, gasping for air as if I was actually drowning.  It was around 3 A.M. I awoke.  I had heard a sound coming from the hallway.  I got up from my bed to investigate.  I grabbed my coat and gun to see what that sound was.  If someone was breaking in, they were most likely after Leann.  
I held the gun in front of me, ready to shoot.  The whole hallway was dark and kind of creepy.  I saw the door to the other room was opened and went in it with caution.  Once in that room, the window was wide opened as the curtains were flowing through the breeze.  I looked outside the window and saw there was a rope made with cloth tied together but I saw no one.  My guess was they already snatched Leann without me knowing and left.  I raced downstairs.  I went outside and saw a crimson red dodge truck parked out there with the back door of the truck wide opened.  When I saw that vehicle, it was like I've seen that truck before.  A classic 1939 dodge commercial panel truck.  That truck, aside from the different colors, looked exactly like one I saw in a movie before.  I heard the crackling of leaves and hid behind one of the posts of the staircase hoping that whoever was coming would not find me.  Two strange men covered in crimson red hooded robes was carrying a tied up little girl to the truck.  I would assume it was Leann they were carrying because it looked a lot like her.  I was about to jump them, but that Red Moth bastard was with them.  
If what old man Jerry said was true, that there was nothing that could kill him, I wouldn't take that risk.  But then again, Leann was in danger.  I had to follow them and see where they go.  Than I can take them by surprise.  Red Moth stopped and looked around.  I'd take it that he picked up my scent like a blood hound.  
"What is it?" Asked one of the men.  
"I sense someone nearby." Red Moth sniffed.  Although I had no idea how he could smell with that gas mask covering his face.  
"It's probably just a deer.  Let's not waste anymore time.  The master will be pleased with us when we deliver the girl to him.  Don't want to keep him waiting."  They've tossed the girl into the truck and Red Moth got into the back with her.  The two men closed the doors, got into the truck and drove off.  I acted quickly and got into my car to follow them.  

I have followed the crimson red truck to an abandoned mansion.  This mansion was covered in vines and moss and also surrounded with dead trees that look like hands.  The truck was parked on the side of the mansion and the back doors wide opened, but no Leann.  I assume they've already taken her inside which means I'm running out of time.  There was also another car parked outside but I couldn't tell what kind of car it was, but I had no time to wonder.  I walked through the side entrance of the mansion into a kitchen.  The kitchen wasn't all fancy and classy like you would expect in such a mansion.  Instead, it was all wooden made and old time.  Like a kitchen you'll see in the pioneer times.  I walked through another door and sure enough, that door lead me into the very same hallway as in the first nightmare I had.  Arch ways, columns and crimson red walls.  Whoever these guys were, they must really like the color red.  
I've exited the hallway and into the main hall.  Crimson red wallpaper was everywhere, but the floor was all black and made of wood.  An impressive grand staircase stood in front of me.  On top of the staircase was a portrait of the Red Goddess herself I saw in my dream.  Two candle sticks were hung on the wall on opposite sides of the portrait complete with a crimson red curtain piece that hung right above it.  These guys must worship this Red Goddess.  
"Come on we haven't got all day." someone said in the distance.  I've walked up more stairs and across the balcony.  But the sounds were coming from downstairs.  Two of the red robed men plus Red Moth was escorting Leann.  They were taking her into a secret passage hidden within the back wall.  As soon as they've entered the passage, I made my move to follow them before the hidden passage closed.  Down more packs of stairs into the darkness, I came across a hallway with arch ways and skulls on the walls.  Miles down the creepy hallway and I made it to a locked door.  Beside the door was another path and a peep hole on the side looking into the room where the men had entered.  
Inside that room was a group of red hooded men in a giant circle and a bathtub filled with blood.  The walls in that room was made of stone and covered with crimson red banners with the banners having a moth design on them.  The same portrait was also found in that room with the two candle sticks hanging on the walls on both sides of the portrait and a crimson red curtain piece hanging just above.  Candle stands were also everywhere in the room.  There was a red hooded man sitting in a throne before the others.  I could not see his face thanks to that hood.  The two men knelt before him and presented the girl to him.  As they did so, Red Moth walked up and stood beside the one sitting in the throne.
"Master." said one of them.  "On behalf of 'The Order of the Red Moth', I present to you with the One."  The man had unmasked her, but it was not Leann.  The master stood up from his chair and pointed.  
"That is not her."  The girl that they had was not Leann after all, but looked exactly like her.  The master had walked calmly up to the two men and back slapped them both.  
"You fools!  You kidnapped the wrong girl!  Trista Rose frowns upon you both!"  Trista Rose?  That must be the name of their Goddess.  What a strange name.  "She needs the girl born with the crimson blood syndrome in order for her to be reborn into our world!"  
"Forgive us master.  We were betrayed by our own eyes.  She looked exactly like the One."  
"I do not want to hear your excuses!  You have failed me and you have failed our Goddess!  As punishment you two shall be tortured!"  
"Please master." the other one begged.  "Give us a second chance to redeem ourselves.  We shall not fail 'The Order' again."  The master looked upon them and smiled.  He placed his hand on his head.  
"Failed or not, Trista Rose loves all her children.  I shall forgive you this once."  
"Thank you master, thank you." They plead.  "But what shall we do with the child?"  The master thought long and hard about it.  
"Kill her.  If we kill them, it'll be that much easier for us to find the One."  
"As you wish master." the two men pleaded.
"May Trista Rose be with you my children!"  
"Oh no, their going to kill that little girl and I have to stop them somehow." thought the Detective.  The two men escorted the littlle girl back into the hallway.  Red Moth caught the scent of the Detective.  He knew that Detective Wydock had followed them.  
"What is it?" asked the master.  Red Moth sniffed the air.  
"I sense someone is near."  
"Go."  Red Moth left the masters side.  

Detective Wydock had taken the men by surprise.  He knocked one of them out with the back end of his gun and wrapped his arm around the other one's neck, gently setting him down on the ground.  
"Who are you?" asked the little girl.  
"Don't worry, I'm here to help."  Red Moth bursted through the door and saw the Detective and the little girl.  
"I.... Found you." said Red Moth.
"Shit.  Run!"  The two started running with the Red Moth Killer chasing after them with that huge machete in his hand.  The two ran like Hell through the creepy hallway.  Both of them climbed up the stairs and out of the hallway.  Detective Wydock tried shutting the door behind them, but Red Moth stopped the door with his body and knocked the Detective down.  Red Moth walked up to Detective Wydock and rose up his machete.  But Detective Wydock rolled aside and missed the blade as it was coming down.  He took his gun and bashed Red Moth in the face.  The Detective turned and continued running.  
"Get out of here!" he shouted out to the little girl.  Detective Wydock had a plan.  The little girl heeded the Detective and ran out of the house.  Red Moth followed the Detective as he was leading Red Moth into a trap.  The Detective had lead Red Moth into the basement of the mansion where the men kept gas tanks.  If he could get Red Moth to hit one of the gas tanks, the gas would mix with the fire from one of the candles and explode the whole mansion.  Detective Wydock was cornered by the gas tanks and Red Moth right behind him.  
"Come on you son of a bitch!" he called Red Moth.  Red Moth swung his machete but the Detective avoided the blade.  Red Moth rose up his blade.  Just as he threw down the blade, the Detective jumped aside as the blade hit and split opened the gas tank.  Now all that Detective Wydock had to do was get out.  He had only a few minutes before the gas reaches the flames.  Detective Wydock ran back upstairs and Red Moth followed.  The Detective turned around and kicked Red Moth down the stairs.  As Red Moth fell and rolled back down the stairs, Detective Wydock ran back to the main hall.  However when he got to the main hall, he found himself surrounded by 'The Order'.        
"You!" the master pointed at him.  "You dare intrude into our sanctuary?  Trista Rose is displeased with this.  Kill him!"  Detective Wydock pulled his gun back out and ran up the grand staircase.  The red robed men chased after him.  The Detective ran up the stairs as he was shooting down at the men.  Detective Wydock saw there was a chandelier hanging just above the rest of the men below.  He shot the chain and one of the links broke causing the chandelier to fall.  The master saw the falling chandelier and moved as it crashed onto the floor.  
The master looked up at the Detective and grunted.  Red Moth woke up from being knocked down and ran back up the stairs.  Detective Wydock saw a window and jumped through the glass.  The red robed men saw Detective Wydock fall but landed safely onto the grass below.  The little girl saw the Detective in the front yard of the mansion.  
"Come on, we need to move!  Get in!"  Detective Wydock quickly got into his Cuda but waited for the little girl to get in.  Red Moth looked back as he heard the hissing sound of the gas escaping.  His eyes widened as the gas reached the flames of the candles.  
"NO!" Red Moth yelled out.  Detective Wydock drove out of the driveway of the mansion as the whole mansion exploded.  The little girl looked back at the explosion as if it was fascinating to look at, like fireworks on the 4th of July.  Detective Wydock saw the explosion from the side view mirror of his car as he drove off.  But he couldn't help but wonder if that killed Red Moth or not.  And what of 'The Order'?  No one could've survived that explosion.  But Detective Wydock and the innocent little girl were safe for now.  And that was all that mattered.
Check it out =====>…
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Phantasm
  • Reading: My story as I write it
  • Playing: Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

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