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The Final Duel of the Swords part 2

Team Darkoss used the gate key they have found in the west tower and opened the massive iron doors of Dragon’s Tower.  Once they were inside, it wasn’t all dusty, moldy and trashed as you would expect an abandoned fortress to be like.  It’s as if Airloc had cleaned up the place nice and neat.  Stone floors and dark green colored walls.  The room they have entered was completed with a cast iron made chandler that hung high above a wooden made and long table.  An impressive fireplace was behind the long table.  The whole place itself still was falling apart however, it still looked like it could still be in use.  The massive iron doors slammed shut behind them and caught them off guard.    
“Alright team.” Said Gallahon.  “Ready your weapons and be on your guard.  No doubt Airloc knows we’re here.”  With their weapons drawn, Gallahon had lead his two companions through the entry way of the fortress and into an impressive looking hallway.  Column’s stood high above them holding the ceiling up.  Column’s on each side of the hallways with touches on them and suits of armors in between the columns.  The armor displays held up battle axes in both hands above the helmets.  
“I don’t like this.” Acknowledged Trenton.  “I sense a trap.”  Gallahon continued onward with Trenton and Nina following.  As soon as they pass the first suit of armor, it triggered the battle axe to come down and hit the ground.  The hallway was pretty narrow so the blade of the axe would reach the middle where Gallahon walked.  Luckily the first axe missed him by an inch.  
“Told you.” Said Trenton.  “It was a trap.”  As Team Darkoss ran through the hallway, the battle axes fell one by one behind them, trying to slice them in half like a loaf of meat.  They made it to the end of the hall and Airloc’s battle axe trap did not work.  
“That was too close.” Said Nina as she was catching her breath.
“Guys look!” Trenton said pointing at an impressive armor display.  The armor was a crimson red color with black trimming.  The armor set was completed with a helmet, cuirass, gauntlets, shoulder pads and leg armor.  Every piece of this armor was crimson red and black.  It also had a nice crimson red cape to tie it all together.  The helmet however was made to look like it had wings on the top of it and also had a long black mane hanging out in the back.  
“I know this armor.” Said Trenton.  “This is ‘Dark Lord’s Armor’.  It is meant to be a meaning on the battlefield.  Legends say that if a Dark Lord is seen wearing this armor on the battlefield, it means that he’s out for blood and he won’t stop until every single one of his enemies are dead.”  
“How do you know all about this?” Asked Gallahon.  Trenton turned his attention to Gallahon.  
“I study.  I do like to spend my time in the library too you know.  When I get the chance.”  Gallahon acknowledged this and turned away.  For something else caught his attention.  Gallahon turned his attention to yet another suit of steel armor.  But this one was different then all the others.  It still had a battle axe in both hands.  Gallahon gazed at it, and suddenly it looked down upon him.  There was someone in that armor.  It tried to slice Gallahon in half while he had his guard down.  But Gallahon jumped back, missing the blade of the axe as it plummeted to the ground.  
Trenton and Nina heard Gallahon’s screams and rushed in to help.  The armored beast raised his axe in the air as he shouted out his battle cry and stepped off the pedestal he was standing on.  He stood seven feet tall above the rest and he was angry.  
“Go brother!  Save Aquanna, Trenton and I got this!”
“No, I don’t like leaving you with him…”
“Brother!  Just go!”  There was no point arguing with his sister.  Gallahon took this opportunity to go find and rescue Aquanna while Nina and Trenton were left to fight this armored behemoth.  Gallahon knew that Nina could not fight that thing alone but she had grown into a tough and courageous warrior.  And besides Trenton was with her so the odds were two to one.  As the armored man threw down his massive axe, Nina jumped aside one way and Trenton jumped in the opposite direction.  As Nina jumped towards the armored man to attack, he grabbed Nina by the neck and threw her into Trenton.  
The behemoth armored man walked up to them.  He raised up his axe, but before he could plummeted it down, Nina sliced him between the plates.  The armored behemoth stepped back, giving Trenton and Nina the time to get back up.  Trenton ran towards the armored man.  The armored man swung his massive axe with such force with one arm, but Trenton rolled under the incoming blade.  He rose back up, slicing his tendons in the back of his legs between the plates.  The armored behemoth was hurting.  He turned towards Trenton, grabbed his neck with one hand and then hit Trenton in the face with the handle of the axe.  He then slammed Trenton onto the floor.  Nina came up behind the armored man and whacked him on the helmet with the back end of her sword which got his attention.  
He turned his attention to Nina.  As the armored man walked up to her, Trenton got up and stabbed the armored man through the neck from behind.  The armored behemoth fell to his knees which gave Nina the chance to chop his head right off.  
“Are you alright Trenton?” She asked as she walked up to him and lend a hand to him.  He grabbed a hold of her hand as she pulled him up.  
“Yeah, I’m fine.”  They held each other’s hands as they looked deep into one another’s eyes.

As Gallahon was exploring the fortress on his own, he came across the dungeons of the fortress.  He thought to himself that that’s where Aquanna must be.  He looked in every cell door but Aquanna was not in any of them.  He then noticed there was yet another room in the back of the dungeons hall.  He entered the room and it was a massive circular room with a pipe organ in the back of the room and surely enough there was Aquanna too, chained by the wrists on the back wall.  She was still alive and still had her princess dress on.  
“Aquanna!” Gallahon said overjoyed to see her alive as he opened up the door.  Aquanna looked up at him and a big smile came across her face.  
“Gallahon!  Thank the gods you’re alive!  I’m so happy to see you.” She said to him as Gallahon came up to her and gave her a big kiss on the lips.  Both Gallahon and Aquanna closed their eyes as they’ve kissed each other as if they were enjoying it.  Gallahon pulled away from her lips and opened his eyes.
“I’m going to get you out of here.”  Gallahon freed her from the chains.  As soon as she was down, she latched herself onto Gallahon as if hugging him.  Gallahon wrapped his arms around her.  They’ve hugged each other as long as they could until Airloc stepped into the room.  Aquanna opened her eyes and saw Airloc standing at the door.  Aquanna let go of Gallahon with a terrified look on her face.  Gallahon turned to face him.  
“I knew you would come for your elvish wench Gallahon.” He said with a sinister smile upon his face.  He walked towards the pipe organ as Gallahon unsheathed his sword and shield.  Gallahon pointed the tip of the blade towards Airloc.
“Airloc.  It’s finally come down to this.  The final duel of the swords.  It’s over for you Airloc.  You will meet your end at the tip of my blade when I ram it through your damn throat.”  Airloc smiled and laughed.
“Really?  You said it’s over.  Yet it hasn’t even begun!” Airloc said just that as he started playing an eerie melody on the pipe organ.  As he was playing that melody, something started to come up out of the pipes.  Whatever it was, it was unlike anything that Gallahon had ever seen before.  It was a strange creature, almost phantom like.  It had glowing red eyes but didn’t have a nose or mouth line.  It also had arms but clearly no legs.  Its whole body was made out of these purplish lines, no organs or flesh.  This phantom like creature came out from the pipes of the organ.  Airloc turned and smiled sinisterly.
“You two play nice now.” He said as he walked away, laughing psychotically.  
“Aquanna, get behind me!” Gallahon commanded.  The creature back slapped Gallahon aside like he was nothing as Gallahon was sent flying back into the wall.  The organ beast turned his attention to Aquanna.  Aquanna was terrified, she didn’t know what to do.  She had no weapon to defend herself with nor was there any form of liquid she could bend.  She was as helpless as a newborn.  She tried to run away further from the beast but the creature flew right in front of her, blocking her path.  
“Gallahon!” She cried out.  Gallahon woke up from cautiousness.  As the organ beast raised up his hand about to squash her like a fly, Gallahon jumped in front of her and raised up his shield.  The beast’s fist hit Gallahon’s shield as the surface of the shield released the massive blast radius that protected both Gallahon and Aquanna but harmed the beast.  The blast blew the organ beast back and the beast was dazed.  
As the beast was dazed, Gallahon sought the opportunity to go to the organ and figure out how to put the beast back into its place.  As Gallahon was fiddling with the organ keys, the beast woke up from being stunned.  The organ beast saw Gallahon and grabbed him.  The beast threw Gallahon down to the ground hard.  Trenton and Nina stepped into the room and the first thing they saw was that beast.  The organ beast turned its attention to them and roared as loud as it could.  Trenton and Nina’s hair blew back from the beast’s air.  
“Holy jeez!” Trenton shouted.  “What the Hell is that thing!?!”  
“Brother!” Nina shouted as she rushed over to Gallahon and helped him up.  
“Nina.  I’m glad you two came.  I need you and Trenton to distract the beast while I try to figure out how put the thing back inside the organ.”  As Trenton was waving his swords at the beast, Nina acknowledged Gallahon’s plan.  Nina rushed over to help Trenton as Gallahon rushed over to the organ.  Aquanna walked over to Gallahon and put her hand on his shoulder.  
“No Gallahon.  I’ll figure this out, I have more experience with playing the organ.  You help our friends and leave it to me.”  Gallahon acknowledged Aquanna’s plan and went into help his sister and Trenton.  Aquanna rushed over to the organ.  The beast balled up its fists into the air and pounded the ground.  All three jumped aside and avoided from being squashed.  However, the impact of its fists hitting the ground released a shock wave and the others lost their balance for only a moment.  
The beast saw Aquanna playing the organ, trying to figure out the right keys to play.  The beast tried to stop her and Trenton jumped towards the beast trying to cut its arm.  But Trenton’s blade just phased through the beast’s arm.  As the beast turned and back slapped Trenton aside, Gallahon threw a sun disk into its eye and managed to blind the beast.  As Aquanna was trying to figure out the correct keys, she had come to a conclusion.  
“Maybe if I played Airloc’s eerie melody in reverse.” She thought to herself.  As the creature was left blind, Aquanna started to play.  As Aquanna was playing the melody backwards, Gallahon was running towards it, throwing sun disks at it.  Gallahon thrust with his sword and to everyone’s surprise, Gallahon’s sword actually was able to impale the beast in the head.  Gallahon yanked his sword out of its head as it got up.  The beast’s body fell to the ground.  As Aquanna played the last key, the beast was sucked back into the pipes of the organ.  The organ beast was defeated.  
They had no time for celebration.  All that was left was to confront the dark lord himself, Airloc.  They looked up and noticed there was a balcony above them, possibly leading to the roof of the fortress.  The only question was how they were going to get up there.  Trenton lend his back on a wall to think and by accident, pressed a hidden switch on the wall that lead to a hidden staircase.  
“Nice going Trenton.” Said Gallahon.  Team Darkoss walked up the stairs and they were onto the balcony.  Just beyond the balcony was the roof and across the roof was yet the last room of the fortress, no doubt where Airloc was waiting.  Team Darkoss ran across the roof with no trouble.  The clouds turned dark as thunder and lightning filled the sky.  They have entered the last room and it was massive.  The ceiling was high above them with tall columns holding the structure up.  Stained glass windows and a long red and gold carpet on the floor fit for a king, leading up a pack of five steps and a throne where Airloc sat.  
“Congratulations.” Airloc said graining.  “You conquered the traps, beat my armored axe berserker, vested the organ beast and made it to the last room of the fortress.”  Gallahon readied his sword and shield.  
“This is finally it Airloc.” Said Gallahon.  “All four of us versus you.”  Airloc laughed as he stood up.  
“Four against one?  That doesn’t seem fair.  But then again, I wasn’t going to fight fair either anyway.”  Airloc grabbed the Sword of Immortal Power and vines had grown out of the cross guard and wrapped around his arm.  Trenton gasped as if he didn’t think it was possible.  
“He’s got the Sword of Immortal Power.” He said.  “As long as he holds that sword, he cannot be touched.  He’s invincible.”  A red eye opened up on the cross guard of the sword and looked at Gallahon as it blinked.  However, Airloc did not attack straight away, he was up to something else.  He used the power of the sword to transform.  He transformed into that of some sort of monster.  He grew in size too and towered over Team Darkoss.  He grew horns, bat like wings and a tail.  Curly horns covered each side of his head.  A long snout grew out as two horns covered the top.  He looked down at Team Darkoss as he opened up his glowing red eyes.  Team Darkoss looked upon him in terror.
“Let’s see you try to beat me now.” Said Airloc as he let out a terrifying roar.  
“Urgh.  And I thought Airloc was uglier before.” Said Nina.
“Silence you maggots!”  As Airloc was about to pound the ground with his massive fist, Team Darkoss ran for cover behind one of the columns.  
“So now Airloc is a monster AND is invincible?  That’s fucking cheating!” Yelled out Gallahon.
“There is a way to still beat him.” Said Trenton.  “Stab the eye of the sword and the swords power will be lost.  Airloc won’t be invincible anymore.”  Team Darkoss moved away from their hiding spot as Airloc destroyed the column they were hiding behind.  Airloc turned his attention to Gallahon as Gallahon threw a sun disk at him, rendering him blind.  As Airloc was blinded, Trenton ran up his arm.  Airloc flew up into the air as Trenton was hanging on for dear life.  As Airloc regained his sight, Trenton climbed up and continued running up his arm.  Airloc saw Trenton and grabbed him before he could reach the swords eye.  Airloc then threw Trenton down to the ground.  
“Trenton!” Nina shouted as Trenton’s body rolled on the floor upon impact.  Trenton was hurt pretty badly this time.  Gallahon had an idea.  He threw another sun disk at the eye of the sword.  Upon impact, the disk released a powerful ray of light, blinding the eye of the sword.  
“He’s venerable now, but only for a moment!” Gallahon said.  As Airloc swooped down at Team Darkoss, Gallahon sliced his belly and Airloc felt the cut.  Airloc lost control and crashed.  Nina threw Aquanna one of her swords as she cut Airloc’s jaw.  Airloc scooped Aquanna up into his massive hand as if trying to squeeze her.  Gallahon came up behind Airloc and cut his tail.  This caused Airloc to stand up and roar as if the pain he was feeling was real.  
This also caused Airloc to drop Aquanna.  As Aquanna was falling, Trenton woke up.  He saw Aquanna and caught her.  Trenton put Aquanna down as Airloc turned his attention to Gallahon.  As he turned, his tail almost hit the others as they’ve ducked and avoided from being hit by Airloc’s tail.  Trenton threw one of his swords at Airloc’s back.  However, Airloc didn’t feel it this time because the eye of the sword opened up and Airloc became invincible again.  Before Gallahon could throw another sun disk, Airloc scooped up Gallahon in his clutches.  This caused him to drop the sun disk he had prepared.  Airloc held Gallahon up near his face.  
“I have you now Gallahon.” Airloc said as he laughed sinisterly.  “You will finally meet your end this day.  I’m going to squash you like a fly.”  As Airloc was crushing Gallahon, Trenton picked up Gallahon’s sun disk and threw it once more at the eye of the sword.  As the swords eye was blinded, Aquanna and Nina stabbed Airloc’s leg.  This caused Airloc to loosen his grip on Gallahon and roar in pain.  Gallahon was free from Airloc’s tight grip and leaped towards Airloc’s face.  Gallahon impaled his sword into Airloc’s snout.  
“AHHHH!” Airloc yelled out as he stumbled all over the floor, covering his snout.  Airloc took Gallahon in his hand and threw him towards the ground.  Gallahon rolled onto the floor upon impact and looked up at Airloc as Airloc was stomping all over the place.  Airloc took Gallahon’s sword out of his snout as he threw it onto the ground.  Airloc flew and crashed through the back wall.  
“Oh no you don’t!” Gallahon said as he followed Airloc.  The others followed Gallahon.  Gallahon went through the massive hole in the wall that Airloc had made but stopped at the high ledge.  It was a long drop down.  Gallahon looked for a safe way down and found one.  He ran off the ledge and slide on the roof that was slanted downward.  He then jumped onto a tree and made his way down, leaping from tree to tree and met up with Airloc at the edge of a bluff.  Airloc turned his attention to Gallahon and roared as loud as he could.  
Gallahon took his last sun disk and threw it into Airloc’s eye.  Airloc became blind as he stepped back and fell off of the bluff down into the sea.  The others had joined Gallahon as he and his friends looked down below.  
“Do you think he’s dead?” Asked Nina.  
“No one could’ve survived that fall.” Gallahon told her.  But they spoke to soon as the sea below was bubbling.  Airloc had flew up out of the sea.  There was an old anchor and chain that wrapped itself onto Airloc’s ankle.  
“You fools!” Airloc shouted.  “Especially you Gallahon, the greatest of fools.  You think a simple fall will be enough to kill me?  HA!  After I’m done destroying this island, I shall destroy Crystalrock as well!”  
“No, you can’t!”  Upon hearing Gallahon’s plead, Airloc paused for a moment.  He turned his gaze away from the seas horizon and looked upon Gallahon.  He grinned.
“You care about that island don’t you?  Well maybe I’ll pay Crystalrock a little visit first.”  As Airloc flew his way towards Crystalrock, Gallahon grabbed a hold of the chain that was latched onto Airloc’s ankle and flew away with Airloc.
“Brother!” Nina shouted.  But Gallahon was long gone.

Back inside the Temple of the Dead within the catacombs, Creed and Alvatourix were still battling it out.  They locked their blades together and stared each other down.  As soon as blades were no longer entwined with one another, Alvatourix attacked Creed with his massive sword as Creed went into defense mode and blocked every blow Alvatourix threw at him.  When it looked as if there was an opening for Creed to strike he took it.  He managed to stab Alvatourix in the waist just between the plates of armor.  Alvatourix yelled out in pain as he ringed Creed’s neck and threw him across the room with all his might.  Alvatourix stepped back as he bled out.  
“I’ll give you one more chance to join me again Creed.” Alvatourix told him.  “I was trying to make you into a stronger warrior.  You would’ve been a king.  A god!  That pathetic family of yours would’ve held you back.  I did you a favor!  My army is your new family.”
“You cannot replace family!” Creed shouted out as he took his sword with both hands and ran towards Alvatourix.  Alvatourix took his massive sword with both hands as well and ran towards Creed.  Both Creed and Alvatourix came at each other like wild dogs and swung their swords at one another.  They both waited for the other one to die as they caught their breath.  Finally, Alvatourix dropped his sword and fell to his knees spitting out blood.  
“Well done Creed.” He said with his dying breath.  “I wanted to make you into the perfect warrior, and that… I have…. Achieved.”  And with those being his last words, his lifeless body fell to the ground.  At long last, the infamous warlord was defeated.  Creed looked at himself and noticed that he too was bleeding out.  Creed dropped to his knees and fell to the ground, looking at Alvatourix’s corpse.  
“Now I can rest knowing that you are dead.” Creed said as he slowly shut his eyes and waited there to die.  Both the warlord and the leader of the six crusaders were dead.  

As Airloc was flying towards Crystalrock in the storm with Gallahon on his back, Gallahon made his way to the sword which Airloc was still holding.  Airloc saw Gallahon on his back and tried to shake him off.  Gallahon was hanging on for dear life with the sea down below.  As they were getting closer to Crystalrock, Gallahon climbed back up.  However, luck was on Gallahon’s side.  Lightning struck the eye of the sword.  Airloc now was venerable to attack.  Gallahon stuck his sword into Airloc’s back.  The lightning struck Gallahon’s sword and his sword act as a conductor which shocked Airloc.  
Airloc lost control.  As Gallahon pulled out his sword, Airloc lost altitude and crash landed onto Crystalrock, making a huge cloud of smoke.  Gallahon jumped off as Airloc slide and came to a stop.  Gallahon gazed upon the cloud of smoke.  As the cloud cleared up, Airloc was back into his human form.  While Airloc was down, Gallahon sought the opportunity to go to the sword and stab the eye clean out.  The vines unwrapped themselves around Airloc’s arm and back into the cross guard.  Airloc woke up and kicked Gallahon off.  Airloc stood up and looked at Gallahon with such fury in his eyes.
“You’re no longer invincible Airloc!  Now the true fight begins!”  
“Ah Crystalrock.  This is where you were raised.  Then so to shall Crystalrock be your grave.” Airloc said as he threw down his broken Sword of Immortal Power and pulled out his two katana’s.  Gallahon and Airloc stared each other down as the final duel of the swords had truly begun.  Airloc grinned as he jumped towards Gallahon with his swords.  Gallahon jumped aside and struck back as Airloc blocked his attack.  Gallahon attacked again but Airloc was playing defense.  Gallahon whacked Airloc in the face with his shield.  As Airloc stepped back, Gallahon rushed in.  Airloc blocked Gallahon’s attack and threw him to the other side.  Airloc kicked Gallahon’s back.  Gallahon turned to face him.
Airloc threw everything he had at Gallahon.  Airloc managed to knock him down as Airloc took his two katana’s and combined them into one weapon.  Gallahon rolled aside as Airloc tried to impale him while he was down.  As Gallahon got up, Airloc swung his blade and missed Gallahon.  Airloc swung again but Gallahon blocked his second swing.  Gallahon then head butted Airloc.  This caused Airloc to step back.  As Gallahon saw an opening, he struck but Airloc was quick enough to dodge it.  Airloc then gave Gallahon a powerful roundhouse kick to the face and it hurt.  
Gallahon stepped back as Airloc stood there grinning.  Gallahon wiped the blood off of his mouth.  Airloc attacked but Gallahon raised up his shield.  Airloc’s blade hit the shield, but the shield didn’t release the blast.  Gallahon was confused as to why it wasn’t working.  As Airloc was pounding Gallahon’s shield, Gallahon use the blade of his sword to scoop up dirt and throw it into Airloc’s face.  Airloc became blind but only for a moment.  Gallahon got up and struck.  But Airloc dodged this and kicked Gallahon in the face again.  As Gallahon stepped back, Airloc changed in.
Gallahon avoided this.  Gallahon ran towards Airloc, but Airloc grabbed Gallahon and slammed him into the ground.  As Airloc was about to strike him down, Gallahon blocked with his sword.  As Gallahon drove Airloc’s sword to the side, Airloc stepped onto Gallahon’s chest.  Although Gallahon couldn’t feel it thanks to his armor.  Airloc then ringed him by the neck and threw Gallahon aside.  Airloc then used his magic to grab Gallahon and toss him all over the place like some sort of rag doll.  After Airloc had his fun, he threw Gallahon to the ground.  Airloc walked up to Gallahon and gloated because Gallahon was beat up pretty bad.  He laughed.
“Come on Gallahon, this is all too easy.  Where’s the true fight you promised me?  Ha ha ha!  Get up!  On your feet!” Airloc said as he kicked Gallahon over and over.  “Look at yourself.  You look like Hell.  All shattered and broken.  I’m afraid this is the end Gallahon.  The end of you, the end of your friends and the end of your home.  Say good bye you son of a bastard!”  As Airloc was about finish him off, Nina came in and bumped into Airloc, saving her big brother’s life.  Nina managed to cut Airloc’s weapon in half, making it two separate swords again.  Nina attacked Airloc as Airloc was blocking every blow Nina threw at him.
Airloc saw an opening in Nina’s offenses and kicked her down.  Airloc kicked Nina’s swords out of her hands and ringed her by the neck.  Airloc lifted her into the air and looked at Gallahon.
“Ha ha ha!  Little sisters come to your rescue, how touching.  Are you seriously going to let her fight your battles for you?  HA!”  Gallahon watched in horror as Airloc impaled her right in the chest.  It was a gruesome sight.  To watch his little sister die right in front of him as she yells out in agonizing pain.  
“NINA!” He shouted as tears were rolling down his face.  He was shocked at her death as Airloc threw her lifeless body so Gallahon could see.  
“There, now that she’s out of the way, show me a true fight!”  Gallahon was sadden and furious at the same time.  
“Yes, give into your rage Gallahon.  Let your inner darkness consume you!  Kill me just like you killed Aquanna’s mother, ha ha ha!”  Gallahon balled up his fists, getting a tighter grip on his sword.  But something extraordinary happened to him.  As if something Airloc did not quite expect.  Gallahon stood up and shouted at the top of his lungs.  Upon doing this, his gold armor turned to a metallic black.  His boots turned to black with red flaps.  His skin was snow white and grew fangs.  His hair was jet black and as he looked up at Airloc, he opened his eyes and his eyes were red.  
He sheathed his sword and picked up his dead sisters swords.  He then rushed towards Airloc as Airloc blocked.  It was as if Gallahon was now fighting with an uncontrollable rage.  He was not leaving any openings and neither was Airloc.  Airloc could hardly keep up his defenses against this Dark Gallahon.  As Airloc dropped his guard, Gallahon impaled one of Nina’s swords into his side as Airloc yelled out in pain.  Airloc tried to fight back, but Gallahon impaled Nina’s other sword into Airloc’s other side.  
Airloc yelled again and stepped back as he was on his dying breath.  Gallahon then unsheathed his sword and ran towards Airloc for the final blow.  He jumped up and impaled his sword through Airloc’s throat as he said he would before.  Airloc was gurgling blood.  He just stood there perfectly still as he slowly closed his eyes.  He died with three swords impaled into him as Gallahon watched him die.  At long last the dark lord was finally defeated.  Gallahon turned his attention to Nina’s body.
He walked over to it.  As he knelt down, he was turned back to his normal self.  He cried and cried over her dead body.  He picked up the body and hugged it one last time as he cried.  He stood up as he held the body in his arms.  He carried her body up the cliff to the shrine of their father where their mother was also buried.  Gallahon laid down her body in the shrine of their father where she too would be buried.  As Gallahon was moping over her loss, a sword unsheathed behind him and seized at his neck.  
“You didn’t think it would end like this did you Gallahon?” Said a familiar voice.  The voice of course belonging to Slayer.  He had found a way out of the nightmare realm.  
“You’re going to strike me down while my back is turned?” Said Gallahon still moping.  “Go ahead.  Kill me if you must.  I’ve got nothing else to lose.”  At this point, Gallahon was too sadden, he didn’t think he could go on knowing that every one of his family is now dead.  Slayer was about to, but something inside him stopped him from doing so.  It’s as if Slayer himself had been in a similar situation like this before.  Slayer sheathed his sword.
“As much as I want to, I won’t.  Not like this.” Slayer said.  “Another time Gallahon.”  Slayer said just that and left Gallahon to mourn.  

After a while to himself, Gallahon sailed back to Windfall.  As Gallahon was walking over the horizon, Trenton and Aquanna smiled but their smiles quickly went away after seeing Gallahon so sad.  They both rushed over to him.  Gallahon told them what happened.  Airloc was finally dead but so too was his dear sweet sister.  Aquanna widened her eyes as she covered her mouth.  Trenton was shocked to hear this as well.  All three of them gathered for a group hug as they mourn and cried over a dear friend.  

The crusaders too were mourning over the loss of their brave leader.  Princess Maria had lead them to the catacombs where they observed both the death of Creed and Alvatourix.  All of the crusaders were balling with tears down their faces as Maria was also sadden by Creed’s loss even though she didn’t know him.  

Back on Windfall, Gallahon asked permission for King Psygon to let him hang Nina’s swords in his hall as a memorial to honor Nina’s heroic deeds.  Of course the king had granted Gallahon’s request.  
“I can’t believe she is gone.” Gallahon said as King Psygon walked up beside him.  “She sacrificed herself so I could live.”
“Gallahon.” Said Psygon as he put his hand on Gallahon’s shoulder.  “I also mourn for your loss.  But be strong.  She sacrificed herself so you could live on with your life.  And if you ask me, I’d say that was pretty heroic.”  Gallahon looked at him and smiled.  “You had a very brave sister.  The memory of her shall live on and never fade.”  
“Thank you mi lord.” Gallahon said as he left King Psygon’s hall, happier than he was before.  Psygon turned and looked at the plaque with Nina’s hidden blades crossed.  

A gravestone was in place at the bluff of Windfall looking over the sea.  Gallahon, Trenton and Aquanna were there and placed flowers in front of the tombstone with Nina’s name engraved into it.  All three of them looked over at the horizon as the sun was setting.
Superheroes Unite by Mecha-Mike
Superheroes Unite
Every Super hero character I have created including, Dragon-Man, Blue Flame, Captain Meteor, Energizer and Dark Phantom.
This is it ladies and gentlemen.  The time has finally come.  The epic conclusion of TD: ROADL is finally here!  After a long journey, it is over!  Rejoice!  The dark lord is dead!  But also a tragedy had occurred in Gallahon's life.  But Team Darkoss's adventures are far from over.  What could the future hold for our brave heroes?  Find out in the next upcoming book 3, Team Darkoss II: Wrath of the Dark Dragons.

And now my book status:  



The Origin of Gallahon-Completed

Team Darkoss: Rise of a Dark Lord-Completed

Team Darkoss II: Wrath of the Dark Dragons-Not started

Team Darkoss III: Dead Army (Working Title)-Not started

Team Darkoss IV: Reign of Orecalcose-Not started

Team Darkoss V: Army of Blood (Working Title)-Not started

Curse of the Red Moth-On Chapter 2

Massacre of the Silver Skull (Working Title)-Not started

The Day of Night-On Chapter 2

The Day of Night II: Resurrection-On Chapter 1

The Day of Night III: Origins of a Killer-Not started

The Mecha-Mike Saga-Not started

The Haunting of Woodrow Wilson-On Chapter 1

Phantom Chasers-On Chapter 3

Dragon-Man-Not started

Terror of the Seas-Not started

The Chronicles of Dragnar (Working Title)-Not started

Team Darkoss (Series 2)-Not started

Western Legend-On Chapter 2

Silent Hill: Town of Nightmares-On Chapter 3

Silent Hill: Forever Darkness-Not started

Silent Hill: The Final Assumption-Not started

Hellraiser: Hellfire-On Chapter 1

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